the tell tale heart.png

Scars and Ice

Designed for: Madil Hardis (Music Artist)

“Faces of unknown memories I’m longing to connect. My fantasies are colourful, let them engulf my mind”

Magdalena (aka Madil Hardis) wanted the cover art for her single 'Scars and Ice' to reflect the emotive meaning (ei. the endless battle in trying to protect oneself from traumatic memories) and the dark atmosphere of the song and music video. 

After a consultation and some refinements, we landed on this piece with its deep contrasts and cool-tone colours to reflect the surrounding darkness and inner life that resides within the song.

Book Covers

Designed for: Personal Project

The following book covers are based off several favourite stories of mine, used to reflect my ablitiles in creating cover art and design for this medium.