'When We Entered That House' Promotional Material

Designed for: Off Limits Press + Personal

For the promotional material for my upcoming horror novella 'When We Entered That House', I used the forest imagery within the story, as well as the dark and mysty astmophere to give the intended audience a feel for the book. 

YouTube Channel Graphics + Promotional Material

Designed for: Personal

For my Youtube channel (where I post 'draw with me' style content), I made sure to use my design skills to make the appropiate launch and announcement materials to help promote the channel. 

I also design the thumbnails and outro-cards for each video, ensuring there is a level of consistency and theme that matches the content of the video. 

'Helena' Promotional Material

Designed for: CLASH Books + Personal

For my debut novella, 'Helena', I used the gothic horror elements to draw in the intended audience of horror fans. 


I also used common imagery seen throughout the book such as the ravens to add a sense of mystery and personality to the designs.