'When We Entered That House' Promotional Material

Designed for: Off Limits Press + Personal

For the promotional material for my upcoming horror novella 'When We Entered That House', I used the forest imagery within the story, as well as the dark and mysty astmophere to give the intended audience a feel for the book. 

YouTube Channel Graphics + Promotional Material

Designed for: Personal

For my Youtube channel (where I post 'draw with me' style content), I made sure to use my design skills to make the appropiate launch and announcement materials to help promote the channel. 

I also design the thumbnails and outro-cards for each video, ensuring there is a level of consistency and theme that matches the content of the video. 

'Helena' Promotional Material

Designed for: CLASH Books + Personal

For my debut novella, 'Helena', I used the gothic horror elements to draw in the intended audience of horror fans. 


I also used common imagery seen throughout the book such as the ravens to add a sense of mystery and personality to the designs. 

'Take Your Turn, Teddy'
Promotional Material

Designed for: Hayley Newlin

After the illustrations were complete and the hardcover finalised, I was recruited to take some promotional photographs for the special edition.


The photos were taken with the 'spooky' and 'dark' themes of the book in mind, coupling with the purpose of centring on the illustrations so that the reader will be more likely to opt for the hardcover copy when purchasing the book.