Psychara and Spook.png


Designed for: Celia Schouteden (Photographer + Artist)

Celia wanted a black and white portrait that would reflect her soft and delicate style and aesthetic. She also wanted me to incorporate imagery from her favourite author/poet, Sylvia Plath.  

I drew from Plath's book 'The Bell Jar', using a bell jar and the iconic quote 'i am, i am, iam' (which Celia has tattoed on her wrist) for thr symbolism of the portrait. 

Portraits & Illustrations

Personal / Fanart / Portfolio

I really enjoy incorporating horror, gothic or otherwise dark aesthetics into my artwork. 

Some of these pieces also include fanart for example, music artists 'Satin Puppets', the character, 'Levi' from Attack on Titan and a parody of Death Note's 'Misa' as The Virgin Mary. 

This section will be regularly updated as new pieces are completed.