CILENT: Haley Newlin + New Degree Press

Illustration - Promotional Material - Video Editing

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'Take Your Turn, Teddy' is a horror novel by author, Haley Newlin. The pieces to the right are a selection of the illustrations that I created for the hardcopy edition of the novel due for release in April 2021.

The brief called fordark, gritty and 'sketch-like' illustrations to go with the atmosphere of Newlin's vivid writing. 

Photography / Content Creation

After the illustrations were complete and the hardcover finalised, I was recruited to take some promotional photographs for the special edition.


The photos were taken with the 'spooky' and 'dark' themes of the book in mind, coupling with the purpose of centring on the illustrations so that the reader will be more likely to opt for the hardcover copy when purchasing the book. 

Video Creation / Trailer